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My name is Leigh and our journey started in Cape Town South Africa, in 2005.

As a highly motivated and success driven, corporate, career woman, I thought I had it all: The dream job, the money, the husband and the house. Everything a young woman could dream of.

All of this suddenly changed, when I was admitted to hospital after having a seizure.

I contracted a viral infection. An infection which affected my central nervous system, brain and gut and resulted in Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Overtime this turned into multiple, violent night-seizures.

A neurologist prescribed medication that would, supposedly, lessen the effects and intensity of the anxiety and seizures. It did not.

The seizures became more and more frequent. Some nights, I had up to six. They varied in intensity and frequency.

This was our life now – gone was the carefree, happy young woman, climbing the corporate ladder with ease. I was now this seizure-prone, depressed woman with no hope for the future. Even my husband was an empty shell of his former self. My amazing husband, David, turned into my carer for years and stood by me every step of the way. Cared for me in the darkest of times and held me  tightly when seizures came. Anxiety filled our sleepless nights, as we never knew when the next seizure would hit.

The more doctors we saw, the more medications I had to take, I was feeling like a drugged-up zombie. Not caring and not having the ability to care about anything anymore.

The doctors were only treating a symptom of the disorder and never did anything to treat the route cause.

I was alive, but not living – the PRANA drained from me.

A major change was needed – and that is exactly what we did!

I quit the job, we sold the house and the furniture – everything – except Jango, our trusty feline sidekick.

We moved to George, in the Garden Route of South Africa. And this is where our journey into holistic health and medical cannabis started:

It was here that we, were introduced to two beautiful ladies, who would start me on my journey to rediscovering and regaining my PRANA.

They taught us about intestinal health, FECO oil (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) and how, if you control what goes into your body, you could manage or cure a whole range of illnesses.

We were shocked to learn how many chemicals humans are exposed to daily. Not just through food consumption, but through cleaning- and cosmetic products too.

After days of following a chemical-free diet and taking a dosage of FECO oil every night, my seizures were, almost instantly, reduced!

Gradually, we rid our house of all chemicals and toxins.

The more we came to know of this miracle oil, the more we wanted to know. We spent days, weeks and months researching and experimenting with our own alternative, all-natural products.

I eventually trained with both of these incredible women in Jain Acupressure therapy & diagnosis and how to make my own cannabis oil. Empowering myself on my healing journey.

My seizures have drastically reduced and all but disappeared. Although, my condition has not magically disappeared, it is being managed effectively and naturally.

After years of feeling hopeless, we have found the light at the end of the tunnel. Medical Cannabis, Therapeutic Grade Essential oils, improved diet, alkalizing the body and herbal supplements has allowed me to improve my quality of life and, more importantly, re-attain my life force… my Chi… my PRANA!

Our goal is to help others regain their PRANA – many people are suffering in silence, victims of their illnesses but you too can become empowered and help yourself. We are here to guide and support.

Our entire range is 100% natural and chemical free. Each item handmade with the utmost care and love!

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